Saturday, January 1, 2011

Love and Logic Parenting Giveaway

Desperate times calls for desperate measures! Many of you will notice that I haven't posted on my blog since February. Well, you can thank FaceBook for that. Since I started using FB I quit blogging. However, it's a new year, and there are new resolutions!

And....a chance at becoming a new parent! (No -- we aren't expecting. But meaning we can become new 'better' parents). Keri Maughan of Love & Logic is offering a giveaway to a free 6-week parenting course. And boy we could sure use one for our little boy!

See her blog for details on entering the giveaway or visit her website for additional information on parenting courses


Brandon and Camille Smithson said...

So last night we are writing down our New Year's Resolutions, and it was my turn. I ask out loud what I should work on this year, and Melanie responds (no joke): "Being a parent". Yikes! Happy New Years!

The Neerings Family said...

Uh, I missed it!