Saturday, January 1, 2011

Love and Logic Parenting Giveaway

Desperate times calls for desperate measures! Many of you will notice that I haven't posted on my blog since February. Well, you can thank FaceBook for that. Since I started using FB I quit blogging. However, it's a new year, and there are new resolutions!

And....a chance at becoming a new parent! (No -- we aren't expecting. But meaning we can become new 'better' parents). Keri Maughan of Love & Logic is offering a giveaway to a free 6-week parenting course. And boy we could sure use one for our little boy!

See her blog for details on entering the giveaway or visit her website for additional information on parenting courses

Monday, February 15, 2010

We Are the World

I saw on someone's Facebook the other day a comment about some new version of "We Are the World." I didn't know what they were talking about and didn't immediately look it up and kind of forgot about it. Then at my spin class today, the instructor used it as part of our warm-up music. I guess I'm behind the times because it's also been played repeatedly during the winter Olympics, but I haven't watched a single second of it. I'm not a huge fan of the song to begin with, but it's a catchy tune. I just thought comparing 3 different versions I found would be interesting.

ORIGINAL CLASSIC. Sometimes you just shouldn't mess with the classics. Many popular artists from "back in the day" :)

REMAKE FOR HAITI. Is it sad that I can name more people in the ORIGINAL than I can in the new one?! And could have done without the auto-tune (that electronic/robotic sound) and rapping. Seriously, you thought that was cool? I'm not a fan of this one.

TYLER WARD & CREW. Cool acoustic version. Perhaps I like this one the best because I don't know anyone singing, and for the most part they don't get crazy and do their own "style" (except for Elise) that makes it hard to understand any of the words. Just simple, clean.

Monday, January 4, 2010

December catch-up post

So I've been bad about blogging. What can I say? Been busy. Who hasn't? Here's a little bit of what we've been doing:

Carson takes over the dog bed
He thinks it's his special place to sit and play. Poor dogs get chased out there more times a day. I thought a new doggie bed would help resolve the problem. Wrong mommy! Don't ask me why we've ordered a new bean bag for Carson. Maybe the dogs will sleep in it??



Carson feeds the dogs his snacks
He thinks they are hungry? Or maybe he is trying to make peace with them after dominating their sleeping place. He loves them though, and when I hear him giggling in the other room, I know he is giving them his animal cracker or pretzel. Twenty times a day I probably yell "Don't feed the dogs!"

The front hand-off

The back hand-off to try and fake out mom

This kid loves the computer! Maybe because we are on them all the time working and what not. He's enjoying a video and bonding time with daddy. 

Sprinklers make you wet!
Carson was outside playing the other day when the sprinklers went off (we have a winter lawn). I guess he wandered out in the grass, and when he came walking up the patio he was crying! I was folding laundry inside and saw him walking up. Of course, I was busting up laughing and had to go get the camera. I think he was a little cold!


Family Pictures
I'd been trying to get a good family picture with the 3 of us for a while. Finally made it happen! Thanks to Derek for taking these shots at the Pecan Groves. And thanks Annette for gate access - and helping us avoid getting arrested by the sheriff!

 So handsome!





Zoo Lights
No pics of this, but we went all as a little family this year. Jam-packed with people, but thankfully we had free tickets that came in the mail with our Zoo membership so we didn't have to stand in the long, long, long (did I say it was long??) line. Sensory overload for Carson! He wasn't quite sure what to do or think. All these people and lights and music. But our second loop around he enjoyed it more.

Christmas Eve:
1) delivered a made-from-scratch coconut cake to our friend Mandy. Her birthday is on Christmas Day

2) ate dinner with the Green's, then opened presents. Carson enjoyed playing with the train around the tree and unwrapping all his gifts. My brother-in-law bought us all Snuggies. Yes, they make cheezy commercials, but I'd be lying if I said I didn't like wearing it while watching movies. I'm a blanket fanatic. Geniuses to think of sleeves on a blanket!



Christmas morning:
1) ate our traditional Christmas morning breakfast with the Smith family. Delicious homemade biscuits, gravy, "fresh" bacon, and fried potatoes. No pics.
2) opened presents. Carson wasn't so interested in unwrapping his gifts this morning. But he did enjoy his "stocking" and all the little food goodies stashed inside.


"Open for me, please. I want to eat it now!"

He says "awww" as he snuggles his super-soft bear!

 Day after Christmas:
1) McCormick Park in Scottsdale for the holiday train ride. This was our first time, and it was a lot of fun. Long line of people, and Carson showed NO emotion during the ride. Just takin' it all in...


Organized pantry
I spent several hours organizing my pantry with my new Cansolidators from my mom. Had to take a picture because I don't know how long this will last! Good way to ring in the new year with some organization.

Cleaning windows
Danny taught Carson how to clean windows. Anybody need their windows cleaned? We're hiring out!

1) Spray with stuff

 2) wipe it off

3) ready for more!

Zoo visit
Went to the zoo Saturday (January 2, 2010) and had a blast! Tractors and goats are his favorite. (I'm cringing in the background when he puts his head on the goat!)




Thursday, October 22, 2009

New jammies and toothpaste

Did you know that when your child gets 2 teeth that you need to start brushing them? I didn't know until the pediatrician told me at his 9-month checkup. So trying to being the best parents we can, we bought some toothpaste and a little finger brush designed for babies.  Well, Carson would have NONE of it and squirmed and cried.  So we tried our toothpaste, and he hated that more! (I think the mint flavor was too strong). Third time around with Little Einstein's "Rocket Berry" flavor - it's a totally new and fun experience. He has 5 teeth now, and loves to suck all the toothpaste off the brush.YUM!  Here he is having fun brushing his teeth while wearing his new camo jammies.

Brushing away, eating all the toothpaste I can!

Time to wash it down with some water!

Walking it off now.

Boy I'm sleepies!

Friday, October 16, 2009

Camping at Flowing Springs

I've been dying to go camping for years, and finally we had a chance to go.  While I was hoping for a good 4 days, we were only able to fit in 2 days/1 night. But it was still great!  Not many spots to set up camp (this was just 5 miles north of Payson), so you have to snag one early or you are pretty much out of luck.

Carson had his first Happy Meal when we stopped in Payson.

Our friends had this fantastic little pop-up trailer that we borrowed. It was perfect!

 Dinner was hot dogs and left-over pizza wrapped in foil and heated up over the fire. Quick and easy, and still yummy!


Danny and Carson having a good time in the hammock

Who taught this kid to lounge like this?! I think he was waiting for his hot dog to finish cooking. What a goof!

The leaves were changing colors and it was a gorgeous location.

 I love fall foliage!

Carson did NOT love these rocks because he couldn't walk on them very well.
Maybe we'll try again next year!

Although we froze our little tails off and Carson woke up as cold as an icicle, we still had a good time.